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Woodland and Perham Today

Planting Potatoes
Planting potatoes on the Woodland Center Road (2001).

The Woodland Bicentennial Committee in 1976 celebrated the 115th anniversary of Woodland by producing a booklet with the sponsorship of the Woodland Extension, documenting the town's principal families. The Bicentennial Committee evolved into the Woodland Historical Society August 18, 1978, with Thorborg Bondeson as first President.The Woodland Historical Society today maintains two historic sites: The Snowman Schoolhouse Museum and the Lagerstrom House Museum. Tangle Ridge Inn

Tangle Ridge Inn, Perham (2001).

Historical Sites

The Snowman Schoolhouse, on the Woodland Center Road, was built in 1895 by carpenter and school teacher David Snowman, and was named after him. He was assisted by his two sons, Walter and George. David was the last remaining Civil War veteran in Aroostook County. He served as one of the town's selectmen, as Superintendent of Schools, and in other civic affairs. The schoolhouse is the only original one-room school left in Woodland. It has been kept in its original state including the stove in the center of the room, and is used to display antiques and historical artifacts. Lina Head Stone

Headstone near the Sealander Road

The Lagerstrom House Museum, on the Beckstrom Road in northeast Woodland, was built in 1896 by Julius Hammer as a residence for his parents. It was sold to Carl Beckstrom in 1900, and resold to Carl Lagerstrom, Sr., in 1903, as a home for himself and his bride, Emma Hallstrom. Their daughter Mildred was born there in 1904, and their son Carl in 1908. In 1943 the parents started spending winters with their son in Caribou. Carl Sr. died in 1947 and Emma died in 1950. Mildred, who worked for many years in Boston, spent part of summers at the house until 1985. Very few changes were made at the house over its history so it faithfully represents the Colony lifestyle at the turn of the century. Mildred's niece and nephew purchased the house from her in 1994 and donated it to the Woodland Historical Society in 1996. It is being preserved in its original state as far as possible and is open to visitors at an annual open house, or by appointment. Woodland School

Woodland Consolidated School (2001).

The Churches and Schools

The present Woodland Consolidated School, on Woodland Center Road across from the town office/garage and cemetery, was built in 1951. It serves grades pre-K through eighth grade, with a student population of about 200.
Woodland Baptist

Colby First Baptist Church

The First Baptist Church was organized in 1910 with early services in the Goodwin Mills Schoolhouse on the New Sweden Road. In 1913 a church building was constructed nearby on land donated by Ray Philbrick. In 1919 a Sunday School was established at Colby in a building donated and renovated by Carl Johnson, with services in both places until 1950. In 1960 a new church was built at Colby Siding on land donated by William Buzzell.

The Carson Union Church was organized at Carson in 1914 with an active Sunday School. In 1930 the church was moved to its present location on Church Street in Carson. It served its purpose well, but is no longer the strong community social center that it was, and has been used recentlyfor TV recordings of gospel music by Caroll and Brenda Farley.
Pentecostal Church

Carson Pentecostal Church

The Carson Pentecostal Country Church in Carson Siding was organized in 1979 and built on land donated by Ola Farley Anderson. The church was led by Pastors John and Betty Palmer and has been improved over time with an addition for the handicapped.
Perham Baptist Church

Perham Baptist Church

The Perham Baptist Church began as a branch of the Washburn church in 1889 but became independent in 1890 and celebrated its 100th anniversry in 1990
North Star Church

Perham North Star Church

The North Star Pentecostal Church in Perham began rather informally in the old North Star School in the 1950's; it was incorporated in 1970. It is now using the seats from the Braden Theater in Presque Isle.

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